Foose 1969 Camaro 572ci 620hp


Foose 1969 Camaro 572ci 620hp

’Super Chevy’ Magazine just recently confirmed what most Chevrolet aficionados already knew. That the 1969 Camaro is the most popular Chevrolet of all time!

Car enthusiasts of all ages also know that Chip Foose is one of the most recognized and celebrated custom car designers of our time.

Combine these two elements and you have a ”perfect storm”.

Offered for the very first time since it was custom built for the original owner is a Chip Foose designed 1969 Chevrolet Camaro.

This 1969 Camaro was built as a joint venture with Chip Foose Design and Unique Performance. They set out to create the ultimate line of 1969 Camaro street machines. The two companies teamed up in order to build limited edition super cars based on 1960’s era esthetics along with modern drive trains and amenities.

This growing and extremely popular genre of automobiles has become known and referred to as Resto-Mods or Pro-Touring.

This is one of only a very few such Camaros, ultimately built under this alliance which was transformed into a world-class performance machine with stunning design and 21st century technology.

They turned one of the most popular muscle cars of all times into a piece of performance art.

This 1969 Camaro features an updated style that is simply stunning, along with the performance to match. Since they were built in such limited quantities, they are among some of the most exclusive Camaros the world over.

This particular Foose designed Camaro is clad in DuPont’s Hot Hues™ Orange and Pewter with a black interior. The car is as fast as it is sexy with the optional 572 c.i.d 620 HP, fuel injected, all aluminum V8 mated to a TKO 5-speed transmission.

This Foose Camaro features a Unique Performance Products rear suspension, 4-wheel Baer disc brakes and Foose 18” wheels and BFG G-force tires. Styling cues include Foose badge emblems inside and out, special graphics, custom bodywork and more, much more!

“I wanted to create something truly special for our first car,” stated Chip Foose. “We choose the ‘69 Camaro because many believe it was the high mark for American muscle cars. To create a new, fresh look, I added styling cues such as Jaguar door handles, a custom RS style front grill, custom hood and smooth bumpers. From the vivid graphics to the custom valance, there is nothing on the road like it.” , says Foose.

”The concept for this exciting program began because Foose had been bombarded with requests to recreate the stunning one-off vehicles he builds. The venture allowed him to create new designs that could be built into reality.

The team set out to rescue real 1969 Camaros, with valid VINs and vintage titles and install the latest wheels, engines, suspensions, transmissions and interiors, found in contemporary luxury performance cars of today.

Each of the cars was serialized and numbered for documentation purposes. This Foose Camaro is serial number; FCAM69-BB016 and is believed to be the first of only three such Big Block 572ci 620hp Foose Camaros ever built.

“These world-class muscle cars have the performance to match their stunning new bodywork,” stated Unique’s ,President.

We have a complete photo album which chronicles the build and history of this special Camaro. There are pictures of Chip Foose and the original owner together with the car. Chip has autographed the car, when it was invited to be displayed at the prestigious Performance World Car show in Toronto Canada.

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