1969 Z28 Camaro ZL2 Cowl Induction Cortez Silver

1969 Chevrolet Camaro Z28

Presented by NicKey Chicago, ”The Original Super Car Headquarters”

This is a real deal, bona fied certified & Documented Best of the Best Z28 Camaro.

’This is one of the very best restored Z28 Camaros that we have ever inspected and/or offered for sale and it has the National level show awards to prove it!” Stefano Bimbi, CEO NicKey Chicago, Inc.

It was finished being restored not long ago, it made the show circuit and achieved top awards everywhere it was shown. It has NOT been driven other than on and off a trailer and into a car show.

Yes, this is the proverbial ”trailer queen”.

This is what  is known in the industry as a Class-X vehicle. That is BETTER than Number 1 condition and is a benchmark for all other such vehicles to be judged. It is virtually flawless other than the factory flaws which were identified, documented and put back during the restoration process.

The fit, finish and workmanship is BETTER than any massed produced vehicle ever was, back in the day.

This vehicle has been transformed into Automotive Performance Art.

The majority of enthusiast could not discern the difference between a number one condition vs a Class ’X’ condition Camaro. It would take a seasoned show judge or Camaro restoration specialist.


The closer you look at this Z28……the better it gets!


Just the labor to perform all the work necessary to such an extreme standard could exceed $100,000.00. Such a Capital expenditure is usually reserved for one off proto-types, ZL1, Yenkos, COPO, Motion and or Nickey Super Camaros.

We have been, involved with the Camaro community for over three decades and are one of the very few entities who will inspect and certify special Camaros as well as other significant muscle cars.                                         


This Z28 has a letter of authenticity and certification from the Nickey Registry, Inc. as  a real deal, not rebodied Z28.


This ”Z” started life as Cortez Silver, standard black interior Z. Everything that you see on this Z28 (exception is the added Endura Bumper) is factory/GM/Chevrolet installed equipment.


Original Factory Options;

X77 Trim/code Z28 special performance package

ZL2 Cowl induction hood (most are added after the fact)

Tachometer and factory gauges

AM/FM 8-Track Stereo Tape Player

Fold Down Rear Back Seat

Factory Spoilers

M21 close ratio Muncie transmission

4.10 to 1 Posi Gear coded ”BV” 12 bolt housing.

Current condition;

Extensive use of original GM and/or NOS Parts.

Has original M21 close ratio Muncie, 4 speed transmission.

The 302ci 290hp Engine is a correct date coded and stamped restoration block.

Many of the so called Z28s you will see on the market are fake and made up Z28s, even some of the very expensive ones are complete frauds! 

Not this one, it features complete three owner history, GM Protecto plate, warranty booklet, owners manual, other documents and extensive back in the day, and as found photos as well as an album/restoration log.

If you know the difference between average and the absolute very best and can afford it, then this is a Z28 for your consideration.


We sell to many different countries and can help/assist with transportation needs.

$85,000.00 firm



$85,000.00 firm


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