1969 Z28 Camaro Documented, Numbers Matching Original Drive Train, One of the Very Best!

”You will find many Z28s available in the market place and at auction. Many will profess to be the best. I can tell you that during my tenure of buying, selling, restoring, certifying and showing Camaros for more than three decades, that this is truely one of the very best Z28s in existence!”

Stefano Bimbi, CEO
Nickey Chicago, Inc.

The new owner can have this Z28 judged for the very first time and it has an open invitation to be displayed and judged at the Muscle Car and Corvette Nationals in Chicago this November.

Here is the Story on this Special Z28.

It has been painstakenly and completely restored, top to bottom and inside and out. No corners were cut anywhere in the process. It is fully documented (Body Broadcast sheet, Chassis Broadcast sheet, window sticker, bill of sale, visor starting sleeve, 2nd owner bill of sale, Weaver Yemm Chevrolet 1969 vintage dealer decals and more)!

This is a true three owner car with only 35,000 original miles.

It was Parked in 1976,and the restoration was finished in November 2011.

Flawless assembly line correct bodywork and paint (Base/ clear w/ stripes on top of the clear & dead accurate trunk splatter paint).

Fathom Green X77 w/ black standard interior, flat hood & spoilers, M21. 100% original born-with drive train & components. The interior is all original GM.

Extensive NOS and mint used assembly line correct parts used throughout:

NOS Delco Y77 battery

Original side post cables,

NOS CV746C PCV valve (1 year only (1969) style)

NOS GM 214FF grooved rear brake shoes,

Square mesh ”Best Way to Protect” A212CW air filter

NOS “flash chrome” air cleaner lid,

NOS embossed lettering AC PF25 oil filter w/ correct black silk-screened AC logo (assembly line break-in filter)

NOS riveted sill plates,

Correct 838 & 291 clear knob window cranks

All original glass (except windshield which is a dated replacement)

NOS tie rods

NOS lower ball joints,

NOS upper riveted control arms,

NOS sub frame bushings

NOS door weather stripping and window fuzzies

Original non-locking motor mounts

Original transmission mount

Original assembly line correct u-joints

Both T-3 headlights are dated and original to the car.

Additionally, nearly all of the decals, hoses and stampings were reproduced using originals, from scratch to 100% accuracy. These are not the cheesey repos from the Parts Palace.

All 5 tires (Sports Car 200s) have been stamped with tread markings reproduced exactly from a mint, unused 1969 Z/28 Firestone Sportcar 200 spare tire. Additionally, they have all been balanced using the correct vintage Bada MICRO wheel weights (in 1/2 oz increments only) using color coded wax dots on the tire to show their correct placement, exactly replicating the Norwood plant procedures.

The front grille original to the car. Only the Argent Silver in the grills and Fathom Green surround colors have been resprayed. It still shows its original & correct ”bone” colored plastic and original Fathom Green over spray from 1969 on the backside!

The intake bolts are manganese phosphate, as original, then brush painted with silver paint once the intake is mounted to give the engine a cleaner look. This was a very standard procedure for 1969 DZ and 1970 LT1 engine assemblies and is documented with many original photos. Additionally, the bolts that hold the orange spark plug wire towers to the intake manifold were brush painted orange to match the tower itself. This proceedure is also standard and documented.

Brake hoses have been stenciled to reproduce the original red SAE 40R1 script used in 1969.

Upper and lower radiator hose markings were reproduced from the originals using NOS “alligator textured” radiator hoses.

All Wittek tower clamps are correctly dated “1Q 69” or “2Q 69”

Rear wheel well undercoating was sparayed and oversprayed using photos of the original spray patterns from the car.

We have all four original dated spiral shock from the car.

This Car has been sold, contact us to find similar cars if


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