1969 Chevy Camaro 427ci 4 Speed COPO 9561 L72  Canadian Documented

No one knows for certain, but it is believed that there were less than 1,000 COPO 9561, L72, 427ci, Iron Block Camaros ever produced.

It was a project inspired by Don Yenko. This project was so secretive, that most Chevrolet dealers had no idea such a car was ever built by the factory!  In fact, the COPO 9561s are not mentioned in any dealer literature or GM advertising, from back in the day. It was truly a covert Super Performance Program supported by GM and other members of the Hi-Performance elite, to promote and ensure the dominance of GM / Chevrolet at race tracks all over the USA.

Consider that the 1969 Camaro is one of, if not the most sought after muscle car of all times and that total Camaro production was a staggering 243,000 vehicles.

The  L72, 427ci COPO Camaros are without a doubt, top tier collectables. They stand out as some of the most desirable Camaros and Chevrolets ever produced.

Of the 1,000 9561 COPOs, approximately 80 were exported into Canada. The Canadian Ministry of Transportation kept detailed records of all the cars which came into Canada. The Canadian COPO 9561s are completely documented as to equipment and options, the dealership where the vehicle was delivered to, the date it was delivered.

These documents have been a double edged sword and many of the Canadian COPOs were ”Rebodied” during the restoration process or ”built out of thin air” over the years.

This COPO has no such issues. It is certified as not having been a rebody! The VINs and trim tag are authentic to and born with this Camaro.

Nickey Chicago, Inc. certified this car many years ago, prior to its current maximum standards restoration.

It is a past feature car on Yenko.net, a.k.a ”The Super Car Registry” where all Chevy factory and Chevrolet Dealer built Super Cars are showcased and registered. This special COPO Camaro was also showcased at Super Car Reunion number 9, as well as other prominent National level shows.

Much time and money, including lots of rare New Old Stock parts, as well as an extensive nut and bolt rotisserie restoration was completed, just a few years ago. The total cost of parts and labor to restore this COPO was approximately $225,000.00, not including the price of the car, which was already in better than average condition!

Rally Green was only available as a Camaro color in late 1968 & 1969, and is sought after by Camaro enthusiasts and collectors alike, which serves to make this collectable Icon even more desirable.

Rarity, desirability, quality, pedigree and provenance are all aspects included with this Blue Chip Automobile.


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